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Recruiting custom audiences for Financial-services Community

Adbloom was contracted by its client, a full-service market research agency, to recruit new members for a finance focused community that was seeking active military, veterans, and their families to participate.
By the numbers
25 Partners
Activated & Onboarded seamlessly
50,000 Clicks
Generated at no cost to client
4,500 New Users
High-quality, fixed-price (CPA)
Before engaging Adbloom, the client, a major financial institution was finding it difficult to reach the targeted audience and enlist new members for its private, online community & forum. In this case, the project required a variety of methods to ensure a balanced recruitment of user personas and due to the highly focused nature of the community, sourcing interest in the campaign required serious creativity.
The client's goal was to recruit over 4,000 new users within an eight-week field time, accounting for varied demographics amongst the audience to ensure a balanced representation.
Adbloom orchestrated the recruit in waves, making it easier for the client to assess the quality of new users, confirm that quota's are being met, and ensure the study runs smoothly.

The team leveraged the following partner types: Micro-communities, Influencers, Mobile Apps, Blogs, Websites, and Email Newsletters. All of these partners were orchestrated in tandem to make certain that Adbloom met the quality and volume requirements of the project.

By leveraging various channels, the team had the opportunity to reach users on both behavioral and demographic markers, resulting in highly engaged users who met the community requirements and were engaged and excited to be participating in the community.
In total, Adbloom recruited over 4,500 new users, generated over 50,000 clicks, and activated over 30 partners within a five-week period. The team reached the desired demographic while exceeding the expectations of the client.

Adbloom leveraged various partner types and responded promptly to demographic data, leading the team to meet the client's goals. Simultaneously, Adbloom satisfied end-users with a prime opportunity to share their opinions and shape the future of financial services for active military, veterans, and their families.

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