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Case Study: Partner Program Leads to High-Value Customers for Fintech

By the numbers
33 New Partners
Recruited, Onboarded & Approved in under 6 months
82,444 Clicks
Generated in the program's initial 6-month pilot
21,857 New Users
Nearly 22,000 new depositing customers joined Twine in that period
Adbloom was contracted by Twine, a savings and investing product from John Hancock, one of the leading financial services companies in the United States, to launch a robust partner program to support and increase their overall new user growth, brand awareness and marketing.
Launching a new partner program is a tedious process; recruiting and vetting partners, creating media plans, organizing creatives and administration all take time, effort and expertise. However, due to the highly sensitive nature of the financial services industry, deploying a partner program for Twine presented its own unique challenges. Not only did Twine's partner program require a high level of rigor, but it also had to meet numerous requirements to satisfy SEC and FTC laws.
Adbloom developed a partner program that had built-in processes to ensure that Twine, its Affiliates & Partners met and exceeded compliance standards, including content & disclosure requirements (SEC+FTC). As a financial services product, there was no room for error in Twine's partner program and Adbloom's team leveraged our expertise and technology to deliver a massively scalable yet fully compliant solution.
Working closely with the Legal, Business & Technology teams at Twine and John Hancock, we developed an innovative set of processes that facilitated an efficient content review process. Leveraging years of experience in managing and growing affiliate & partner programs, Adbloom utilized our innovative processes to launch new partners for Twine's affiliate partner program in just 3 days, down from a previous target of 21 days.

Adbloom initially recruited over 30 affiliate partners for the program, including: YouTube and Instagram influencers, popular email newsletters, major financial websites such as NerdWallet, personal finance websites like The Penny Hoarder and Finder.com, major media sites like Buzzfeed & major mobile apps like Drop Rewards.

With such a diverse group of affiliates & partners in Twine's partner program, Adbloom customized unique creative, copy, user value propositions & promotions to ensure that each channel was optimized for quality & volume while maximizing opportunity.
In its initial 6 months, Twine's partner program, had onboarded a substantial number of new partners and customers. The program was responsible for the acquisition of nearly 22,000 new customers. The program generated a total of 82,444 clicks, 21, 857 conversions, 161 impressions and 33 affiliates.

The partner program was a success through a combination of external cross-functional collaboration, creative thinking and leveraging Adbloom's expertise and roster of high-quality partners.

Twine went live on multiple high-volume, high-quality partners, resulting in high rankings for all trending keywords across search engines and high visibility on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Twine's partner program enabled various partners to tell the Twine story in their own personal and unique manner, while retaining and respecting the rigorous compliance requirements of the financial services industry.
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