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Adbloom is a performance-driven growth marketing firm with a focus on content marketing and partnerships. Our targeted network leverages the power of authentic and engaging native content distributed thru blogs, media, social influencers and other partner channels. We strategically match distribution partners in our network with our ad client's products, platforms and services.
Andrew Abony
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
Andrew is a seasoned executive with over 15 years experience in the digital media industry. Andrew's love of all things digital started at a young age, when he figured out how to download on a 56k modem. Andrew hails from Toronto but began his career in Los Angeles as the first business hire of a digital music startup. There, he learnt first-hand how to close deals, scale marketing and manage large-scale consumer internet systems. Since then, he has worked with numerous startups spanning from AI to EdTech.

Prior to co-founding Adbloom, Andrew was Head of New Product at Mood Media, one of the world's largest media services companies, where he built product and partnerships with some of the largest tech brands and retailers globally, reaching millions of consumers each day.
Ryan Timm
President & Co-founder
With a digital marketing career spanning close to two decades, Ryan began his professional career as a teenager working at eUniverse/MySpace. Despite the experience of watching MySpace's rise first hand, Ryan attributes much of his most important digital commerce learnings and success to his many years spent working on traffic and growth in the incredibly-competitive casual games space (at GSN – www.gsn.com).

Prior to starting Adbloom, Ryan spent several years as VP at a leading retail services company. His mobile product innovations have been leveraged by top global fashion retailers such as Puma and Macy's along with major media brands like T-Mobile Europe. Ryan also has extensive experience with digital market research.
Alex Polyakov
Head of Technology
Over 10 years of experience in affiliate marketing which includes building one of the TOP5 affiliate networks in Eastern Europe in 2010, creating a number of coupon & comparison shopping sites, browser extensions as well as other applications monetized using Cost Per Action (CPA) programs.

While building an affiliate network, I was in charge of platform development as a project manager (creating specifications and dealing with engineers). I've curated the creation of tools such as Pay Per Call tracking (similar to RingRevenue (now Invoca)) and In-Text ads (similar to Skimlinks and VigLink).
Get in touch
Want to learn more about Adbloom's performance growth service? Leave your info and we'll be in touch.
Get in touch
Want to learn more about Adbloom's performance growth service? Leave your info and we'll be in touch.
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Headquartered in Toronto, Canada
Our offices are conveniently located in central downtown.

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Toronto, ON
M5R 2A7
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